Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller For Nintendo Switch

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Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller For Nintendo Switch

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  • This wireless controller is compatible with the Nintendo Switch console.

  • No need to install any drivers, it can be used once connected by code match.

  • Ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it comfortable even for long hours of continuous gaming.

  • It supports Gyro axis function and dual motors double-shock function.

  • Up to four wireless Pro controllers for Switch can be connected to a Switch console simultaneously.

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Normale prijs: € 32,36

Special Price € 23,49



Features :

  • Bluetooth V3.0 wireless connectivity is used between the controller and console for stable connection, low interference and ease of handling.
  • Built-in with 380 mAh lithium battery, it can be continuously used for around 5 hours after fully charged (charging time is 2 3 hours)
  • It can be upgraded by updating software via connecting it to a PC.

LED indication instructions :

  • Four LEDs are blinking quickly in a circle: The controller is in code pairing or connecting back state.
  • LED blinks quickly in the connected state: The controller is in a low battery state.
  • A single LED is solid bright: The controller is connected to the console properly.
  • Low voltage indication: When the controller battery voltage is lower than 3.6 V, the indicator blinks quickly for the low voltage alarm; when the controller battery voltage is lower than 3.5 V, the controller is turned off automatically and can't be turned on.

Charging indication :
LED indicator blinks slowly during charging; Turns off after fully charged.

Notice : if you need play with phone,Please bring your own OTG receiver.

Package List :
1* Gamepad
1* Charging cable (1 meter)


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